On 30.10.2019 parking in the Waldstraßenviertel will be subject to a fee. Residents can apply to the city of Leipzig for a resident parking permit. Unfortunately, all tradesmen and residents who do not have their main residence in the Waldstraßenviertel are exempt from this regulation.

As a result, all employees of companies are not allowed to park more than two hours a day in the large area of the Waldstraßenviertel. These two hours are also subject to a charge. So where do we park our cars from 30.10.2019 onwards during the working hours, which are usually 8 hours? Numerous employees who work in the Waldstrassen-district live in the Leipzig area and are dependent on cars. Others use the car to attend daily work appointments and for this reason need their car here in the Waldstraßenviertel. Where will company cars be parked in the future if no rentable parking spaces are available?

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