The German Condominium Modernisation Act (WEMoG) came into force on 01.12.2020. This law will bring about fundamental changes to the WEG. This is a brief overview, which does not claim to be exhaustive:

  • In future, there will always be a quorum for the owners' meeting, even if only one condominium owner is present or represented
  • in special cases, circular resolutions may also be adopted by simple majority
  • For powers of attorney for the owners' meeting, the text form instead of the written form will be sufficient in future
  • in future, there is a right to have structural changes carried out, provided that these changes serve the purpose of accessibility, the loading of e-movables, protection against burglary and the expansion of fibre optic networks - in this case, the owners must tolerate the measure and can only have a say in its design
  • Participation in an owners' meeting can now also take place digitally, provided that the owners' association has previously decided to do so